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Using the pentomino pieces at the bottom of the screen, cover the light squares so that each square is covered by some piece and no two pieces overlap. When you tap on a piece at the bottom of the screen, it grows in size and you may also choose to rotate or flip as you see fit. All such actions are smoothly animated. There are unlimited hints available in case you get stuck.

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 6 - 2019-
Thousands of Relaxing yet Challenging Puzzles

Perfect for waiting in doctor's offices or standing in line at a grocery store!

You can choose puzzles of any level of difficulty from very easy to insane.

Over time, you'll get better and better at noticing patterns and growing expert at these and similar geometrical puzzlers.


Use the buttons on the right hand side to flip and rotate the currency active piece or double tap the piece to flip it horizontally and tap the piece to rotate it to the right.

Tap the blue icon on the bottom right to get hints.

Tap the gear icon to change boards, set the  level of difficulty, or choose a new piece set.

Tap the i icon to read the documentation or to send us a message.

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