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The classic puzzle, often found at places like Cracker Barrel, features a board with all positions filled except for the top spot (number 1), as shown on the left.

By inputting this starting position into the Analysis tab of Peg Pals and selecting the Study button in the top right corner, the app will reveal all potential solutions for this puzzle.

In total, there are 29,760 possible solutions:

  • 6,816 solutions end at peg position 1

  • 3,408 solutions end at peg position 7

  • 3,408 solutions end at peg position 10

  • 16,128 solutions end at peg position 13

Consequently, it's easier to discover a solution that concludes at peg position 13 rather than position 1, while the most challenging solutions end at positions 7 or 10.

Interestingly, many people assume that there is only one or very few solutions to the puzzle when, in reality, thousands of solutions exist. However, with millions of potential ways to attempt solving the puzzle, finding one of these solutions may still prove challenging.

To master solving this or any other triangular peg puzzle, simply input the desired position in the main tab by first configuring the position in the Analysis tab and using the Import button on the Puzzle Tab.

By continuously tapping the Hint button, Peg Pals will guide you through a solution step by step. You can repeat this process to explore as many solutions as you wish.

If you prefer to view solutions that end at a specific location, move the Red Circle in the Analysis tab to that spot before importing.

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